0. Introduction If you ended up here, you probably heard about Optician Sans. I mean, it’s everywhere, from Fast Company […]

0. Introduction So, yeah, I’m a type designer. And there are numerous situations where I end up stating that “I […]

0. Introduction What typeface should I use? I’ve lost track of how many times I get this asked. Probably twice […]

Part I: Introduction | Part II: Learning To See | Part III: Overshooting | Part IV: The Stroke (Optics) 0. Introduction Welcome back! I’ve been rewriting […]

1. Concept Grafista is (semi-)monospaced typeface that has two sets: a text typeface and a texture library. The reason why […]

It’s been some time! To take some time off the oh-so-many huge projects in the making and craft something for […]

Part I | Part II | Part III Welcome back to this series about the production of Maximal. If you’re […]

Part I | Part II | Part III I hope you guys had a great Easter (if you’re culturally inclined […]

Part I | Part II | Part III 0. Introduction Today, while I was waking up, I came up with […]

Edit: Since the release of this article, a couple of things changed: the project is now called Typerobics and it […]

If you’re following me on Facebook, you probably know that I’ve recently asked for suggestions on what should I write […]

Index Introduction | Learning To See | Overshooting | The Stroke: Optics This is the first article of three, in our series, to talk about […]

Some years ago (maybe a couple, maybe more: I excel at losing track of time), Ricardo Gomes, from Lucky Stripes […]

0. Introduction If you’ve been visiting this blog, you might be wondering why I’m writing another article about this subject. You’ve […]

Fixing curves, for me, is an every day activity. Sometimes they look oddly pointy, too steep or too wide, guiding […]

Index Introduction | Learning To See | Overshooting | The Stroke: Optics You probably heard about overshooting, specially if you came from a visual arts […]

With the implementation of the em unit in CSS and it’s handy use in responsive webdesign, all of a sudden […]

Index Introduction | Learning To See | Overshooting | The Stroke: Optics 1. We don’t see with the eyes In 1963, David H. Hubel and Torsten Wiesel, two neurophysiologists […]

Note: This series of articles are a work in progress. It’s in the process of being written, so there might […]

This is a brief collection of quick tips on kerning and metrics, as the title may have suggested, that I […]

Here’s a small FontLab script that randomizes a point’s position within a circle around it. It was made to streamline […]

When I am asked to calibrate a typeface or logo, or when someone asks me for help with their typefaces, […]

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